Develop Strong Content by Starting in the Middle

Content marketing, in its essence, is all about effective writing. With blog posts especially, you may be telling a story or providing multiple examples to convey your message. How well you organize your ideas will determine how much your readers (and potential customers/clients) will respond to your content.

In a recent blog post on Write to Done, Vinita Zutshi goes to great lengths to explain how to write the best blog post ever. From planning to writing to editing, she covers all the basics and more. One concept stood out for me. While describing the planning process, Zutshi encourages writers to start planning the middle of a blog post first.

As content writers, how often do we find ourselves starting “at the beginning,” with the introduction? If you’ve done this, don’t fret. I’m guilty, too. When the first line of a blog post determines whether or not people will keep reading, how often do we agonize over the “perfect” sentence that will capture and hold a reader’s attention? But, as Zutshi explains, planning the middle of the blog post first is essential to developing a strong opening (and, for that matter, strong content). Only by knowing what we’re going to say and what readers will gain will we be able to connect with our audience, our customers and clients.

I encourage you to take the time to delve into Zutshi’s full blog post. It’s long, but the process she describes is spot-on. Follow her steps from beginning to end, and you’ll be sure to create the content you want.

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