Get Measurable ROI with These Three Types of Content

Blog posts, e-books, live video, webinars, podcasts, social media–content marketing can take many forms. Regardless of what approach businesses choose, successful content should be informative, relevant, and directly connected to an audience’s wants and needs. According to Hubspot’s inbound marketing philosophy, relevant content is essential to moving clients and customers through the buyer’s journey, from making potential customers aware of your brand to converting them to leads to encouraging them to consider and, ultimately, purchase your project or service.

Small business owners, especially solopreneurs like myself, have to decide how and where to spend energy and time (and, let’s face it, dollars) on marketing efforts. What works for some businesses may not work for you. That’s why creating the right type of content for your business, the type of content that your clients value, is so important.

In a recent article, Jacqueline Zote discusses three types of content that small business owners should consider: infographics, case studies, and influencer interviews. Because visual content often attracts attention, infographics are an easy way to convey statistics or data about your business. Case studies and influencer interviews, on the other hand, build trust by establishing how you’ve helped other clients and by promoting your niche via knowledge from experts.

The best part about these three content pieces is that they are relatively inexpensive, in terms of energy, time, and budget. Their ROI, however, is without doubt measurable. Have you used infographics, case studies, and influencer interviews? If so, describe in the comments how this content has contributed to your content marketing efforts!

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