Create Credibility By Avoiding These Content Marketing Mistakes

With whatever content you create, you want to consider your audience and match your tone, voice, and message to that audience. Similarly, you want to avoid sounding sales-y, forcing a message, or presenting a circumstance that misses the mark.

In a recent post on Copyblogger, Nick Usborne identifies four techniques that can kill your content when you use them incorrectly. The two that stood out the most to me were creating a false sense of urgency and using conversational language that assumes too much.

First, the false sense of urgency–whenever I see a line like “Jump on this opportunity within the next ten minutes or you’ll miss out,” I immediately hold back the urge to roll my eyes. The product or service may be something I want or need, but I refuse to believe that I have to make a decision NOW or else.

I react the same with advertising that pours on the “I know you like you’re my bestie” or “I know what you’re thinking” sentiment. Don’t get me wrong. When we write content, we want to understand our audience’s interests, problems, and desires and convey that understanding through our message. But to assume that we know how a viewer or reader will answer a particular question or respond to a certain situation? That may be stretching a little too far.

What kind of marketing tactics do you find yourself rolling your eyes at? Which techniques would you say harm a business’s authenticity and credibility more than doing good? Let everyone know in the comments.

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