How to Use Voice to Communicate Your Brand

Every day, we have the opportunity to communicate our brand to our customers. When we can talk to our clients face-to-face, they can see our personalities and the passion we have to serve them. How, though, do we communicate our brand’s uniqueness when we can’t directly speak it aloud?

In a recent post, Ann Handley discusses the concept of voice. She explains, “Businesses often spend a lot of time on their logo and color palette and other things they think of as ‘branding’ā€”the look and feel of their website, collateral, signage, fonts, and so on. But very few take the time to consider the branding that a unique voice can give a company.” She then asks a very revealing question: “If the label fell off [your brand]…would people know it was you?”

Yikes! Think about your recent marketing strategy and the content you created. If your business’s name were concealed, if your own name were concealed, would your clients and customers recognize your business apart from others? Or would your business get lost in the sea of competitors?

To set ourselves apart, Handley encourages us to define what makes us “us” through voice and style. Yesterday, I mentioned several words that define me: “bookworm,” “smart girl,” and “grammar nerd.” I convey these ideas through voice/style by using two phrases repeatedly in my marketing content: “giving your writing an academic edge” and “making a notable impression through the written word.”

These phrases (and the content I create) convey the sentiment of academia (i.e., bookworm). They call attention to the fact that I’m a wordsmith (i.e, smart girl). My content also is grammatically-correct (99.9% of the time šŸ˜‰), which shows that I am a grammar expert (i.e., nerd). All of this creates a voice/style (and brand) that is hopefully different than that of others in my industry, a voice/style (and brand) that signifies my uniqueness.

What voice can you use for your business brand? How will you make your brand “visible” even when your label falls off? Share your ideas in the comments!

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