Why Your LinkedIn Profile Is More Impactful Than Your Résumé

You may think of your LinkedIn profile as a virtual résumé, an online account of your work history and skills. In many ways, this is true. I’ve even seen job applications ask for a link to an applicant’s LinkedIn profile in place of requesting a traditional paper résumé.

A standard résumé and cover letter are not the same as a LinkedIn profile, however. While employers and businesses often expect the standard version to use strict layouts and formal writing, a LinkedIn profile offers you more freedom. Rather than merely listing what you’ve accomplished, a LinkedIn profile summary allows you to tell your personal and professional story in a way that showcases you as “you.”

Unfortunately, many LinkedIn users don’t realize the opportunity that awaits them. I still see many a LinkedIn profile summary that conveys a hum-drum overview of work experiences and past employers. In a recent post, Kaitlin King explains why a more creative approach is the way to go: “Your profile is the first chance the outside world gets to meet you…. Use it to entice your reader, offer insights about your proudest career accomplishments, and let your voice shine through.” You’ll find four amazing examples in her post that demonstrate such characteristics.

Whether you’re beginning your journey as a business professional, you’re an entrepreneur who is building a client base, or you’re an established business owner who wants to connect with area influencers, your LinkedIn profile summary is your chance to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Not quite sure how to begin your profile summary? Check out my free guide How to Sell Your Brand in One Sentence (or Two). This guide will explain what matters most when describing yourself or your business to others. If you’d like additional help with making your LinkedIn profile stand out, consider my LinkedIn Profile Update and Edit service!

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