What Makes the Most Difference to Your Customers…It’s Not Your Product or Service

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been following Bernadette Jiwa’s blog The Story of Telling. Her posts, while short, are inspiring and compelling. Bernadette not only encourages business owners to think differently about their businesses and customers, but she also delves into the personal influences of marketing. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit her website and blog, I encourage you to do so!

This week, one of Bernadette’s blog posts especially resonated with me. In “Missed,” she ends with this message: “The world would be better for our being here if we started every day with the intention of being missed tomorrow.”

Consider that idea for a moment…”the intention of being missed tomorrow.” Some people go through life with the goal of living each day as if it were their last, but how many people consider that concept with their business? Bernadette provides several examples that illustrate this point: the friendly employees at a local café, the warm scents coming from a bake shop, a tram driver with a contagious personality. The baristas, baker, and tram driver are simply doing their jobs or running their businesses, yet the way in which they do so makes the most difference.

What would make your customers or clients miss your business if it didn’t exist tomorrow? What would make a lasting impression? The answer likely has less to do with the service or product you provide and more to do with how and why you provide it.

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2 thoughts on “What Makes the Most Difference to Your Customers…It’s Not Your Product or Service”

  1. Thank you for this article, Katie!
    It is an important thing to think about….. I tried to answer the question for myself before I even read the article. It also made me think of my favorite, long-term writing client. He goes so far beyond in making me enjoy working with him, adding humor to emails and sending me beautiful pictures from his travels. He even sent me a beautiful, handmade card snail mail when he was delivering my paycheck once. It’s those kinds of things that stand out to me. So, feeling more personable to my clients is something I’d like to strive for.
    The comment on people making a difference by simply doing their jobs reminded me of a video I just saw as well: https://www.facebook.com/dailygoalcast/videos/590349521443055/


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