Remain True to Yourself and Your Business When Creating Your Social Media Strategy

For many small business owners, content marketing via social media may seem like a moving target. Consider, for instance, the recent changes that Facebook made to its algorithms, which has drastically altered how businesses communicate to and with their clients and customers (if you want a good overview of these changes, check out the free webinar that Lisa from Evergreen Script Services created).

The good news is that, while algorithms may change, the need to make engaging content that customers want to see hasn’t. What also hasn’t changed is the fact that every business owner who is using social media as a means for reaching customers must have a strategy in mind. Without a plan, a business owner may risk creating content that isn’t of high quality and consistency and, worse, that doesn’t connect with customers.

In a recent post, Annie Pilon shares fifteen techniques that can help ensure that your social media content is serving the purpose it should and making the impact you want. All are ones that I’ve done or have considered doing, but a few from this list, in particular, stood out for me: not being everywhere, humanizing your business, and sticking to your own voice.

When I first started my business, I, like many new entrepreneurs, thought that I needed to be “everywhere” to reach the maximum number of potential clients. I had an account with almost every social media platform, or at least the main ones like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Here’s what I discovered: not only did I not like every social media platform, but I also wasn’t doing a good job maintaining a consistent presence that was unique to each platform’s make-up and audience.

Here’s what I ended up doing. I closed my Twitter account. Yes, I had been told that all writers “must” have a Twitter account, but, to be honest, I’m just not a fan. The length of my blog posts will probably reveal that I like to write more than 140 or even 280 words, so rather than force myself to fit a mold, I remained true to myself and my business.

This brings me to the other two ideas from Pilon’s post that stood out to me, humanizing your business and sticking to your own voice. In my posts, I’m not afraid to share with clients by own struggles and mistakes. I firmly believe that we never stop learning, and every day gives us a new opportunity to run our businesses with authenticity. That’s also why the voice and style I use in my content is conversational while also being educational. I want my content to be informative and helpful, as well as inviting.

As Pilon’s post conveys, we business owners can choose a multitude of ways to reach our clients and customers. While all are essential to the overall make-up of a social media strategy, I encourage you to find the techniques that speak to you the most. Then, let your social media marketing reflect those strategies in a way that let’s “you” shine through in your business.

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