How Marketing Is Changing For the Better

A week or two ago, I mentioned how I dislike being sold to, especially when the marketing ploy is so obviously sales-y that it’s roll-your-eyes, gag-worthy. Unfortunately, many copywriting styles we see these days take this approach. When consumers have so many options, some businesses believe the only way to make a sale is to “trick” customers into purchasing.

In a recent post, Bernadette Jiwa states, “Over several decades our traditional, mass marketing culture taught us that marketing and sales were about finding the angle. Marketing became about getting creative with the truth and being a master of spin.” Bernadette goes on to explain that this kind of marketing doesn’t have to continue.

Nor, I believe, is it in many ways.

Small businesses rely on connecting with customers on a more personal level. Thus, the old ways of marketing automatically get set aside. Instead of flash sales and other fear- or guilt-ridden incentives, we small business owners provide the best possible service or product with authenticity and gratitude. Our customers are what make our business. Making sales is simply proof of how well we meet our customers’ needs.

When the focus shifts from making a sale to making a connection, marketing evolves. As Bernadette notes in another post, “Marketing done right is an act of generosity.” It’s a way for us business owners to continually show appreciation to our customers.

If you like the approach to marketing that I’ve mentioned above, please share your thoughts below!

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