How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Content-Marketing Buck

Content marketing creates an atmosphere upon which we business owners can build brand awareness and establish our uniqueness. By itself, though, content marketing may not always guarantee that people who happen to read our content will instantly choose our business’s services or products. The transition from brand awareness to lead generation to customer conversion takes time.

Trust must develop before that happens.

So how do we build trust? With content marketing, we can establish credibility by empathizing with our customers, solving their problems, and showing how we stand apart from others in the industry. We also can develop relationships with others who will build awareness for us.

In a recent article, Melinda Emerson visited with Pam Perry, an award-winning communications specialist, about influencer marketing. This mode of marketing relies on the credibility of others to establish the credibility for a business. Perry states, “Everyone knows the best form of advertising is ‘word of mouth’ – and the success of whether something ‘sells’ depends on whose ‘mouth’ is doing the talking.”

Before we go further, let’s be clear. Word-of-mouth may be the best form of advertising, but that doesn’t mean that content marketing is a waste of time. Instead, we business owners simply should get our content in front of the right people. This is where influencers come into play. While customers will always trust someone they know over standard advertising, “[t]argeting influencers is a way to increase the reach of marketing messages in order to counteract people tuning out traditional marketing” (Perry).

In essence, with influencer marketing, a business’s target audience may not be potential customers; instead, the target audience would be the people who will convince those potential customers that what a business has to offer is worth taking note of (and purchasing).

All in all, businesses have a multitude of ways for reaching customers. Influencer marketing may just be one way that we business owners can get the biggest bang for our content-marketing buck. Please share your thoughts below!

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