Write to Inform, Write to Engage, Write to Convert…Here’s How

Do you know what I love most about having DVR? I love the fact that I don’t have to suffer through five minutes of commercials after only seven minutes of show time. Rarely do I stop to view a commercial unless something about it catches my attention.

How, though, does this relate to content marketing? Well, when our customers are constantly scanning their newsfeeds and scrolling through endless posts, we have to give them a reason to stop. Our content needs to be just as engaging as it is informative. Otherwise, customers will pass our posts by, even if they could have been helped the most by them.

Catching and holding readers’ attention is a feat in and of itself. Before you get discouraged, though, consider the three techniques Stefanie Flaxman mentions in her recent post. Flaxman prompts content writers to add action to their introductions. From presenting an unusual point of view to providing next-level benefits to asking the reader to participate, Flaxman’s three “action types” encourage audiences to keep reading. “When your introduction only explains information, you don’t show your reader that you have something to offer that they won’t find anywhere else,” Flaxman explains. “That first impression is your opportunity to persuade. Show a new reader that you’re not like everyone else.”

The next time you write content for your social media page or blog, write to inform, but also write to engage. Surprise your audience by describing something in a new way. Ask your readers a question that will encourage them to respond (and consider the answer long after they’ve clicked away from your post). Give them a reason to keep reading…and to come back. That’s how you’ll create a loyal following. That’s how your marketing content will convert potential customers into actual customers.

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