What Customers Need Before Buying Your Service

Walk into any electronics section of a department store, and you’re sure to see an entire wall covered with flat-screen TVs. Without question, today’s customers want options. They want to compare. They want to feel confident that they’ve bought the best product at the best value. And, if they become dissatisfied with their purchase within the first few weeks, they want to know that the store has a return policy.

Customers like the purchasing power they have when they buy products. With services, though, they may not feel as secure.

Service industries depend on something more than features, comparisons, and costs. They depend on qualifications and experience. They depend on people. Customers have to trust that a business (and the people behind that business) will deliver a service at the standard they expect. They have to trust that the service is worth the value they paid, sometimes even before they see the final results.

As service business owners, how can we put our customers’ minds at ease? How can we help them see that our services will give them the return they want, at the best value? How can we build their trust?

In a recent post, Jenna Cyprus answers those questions and explains why service businesses must always build trust before building revenue. “Trust helps customers feel safe interacting with your brand,” Cyprus says. “It gives your marketing statements more power and your pricing greater validity. It’s the fiber that binds everything together.” From being transparent and following through to treating customers respectfully and maintaining confidentiality, service businesses must prove themselves in ways that product-based businesses often don’t.

If you are in a service industry, share how you build trust with your customers.

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