Being One Small Fish in a Very, Very Huge Online Ocean

In the two years that I’ve owned Little Leaf Copy Editing (and especially in the one year since I’ve started freelancing full-time), I’ve often felt like one small fish in a very, very huge online ocean. In many ways, my copy editing and content creation services stand out from others in the industry. In other ways, what I do is really not that different than what all the other copy editors and content marketers out there do. Why, then, should customers stop swimming through the online content to take notice of my business apart from any other?

A lot depends, I think, on why I do what I do, how I do it, and what connections I’ve made.

In a recent article, Giovanni Marsico describes four things he learned from Lady Gaga about building a successful brand. The first item he mentions is “get[ting] crystal clear on who you want to help.” I offer the services I do because I want to help businesses, professionals, and authors make the best possible impression through their writing. To some, the quality of writing may not matter. But for those who want to put their best possible writing foot forward, I’m here to help.

In his article, Marsico says, “Take a stand. Look at your core values, what issues are important to you and your mission.” For me, clean, noticeable, influential writing is my mission. That’s where I take my stand. That’s how I build what Marsico calls a “core base.” This base is the people who believe what you do, understand why you do it, and support you and your business. With Marsico’s Lady Gaga example, they are your “tribe.”

Now, I can’t claim to have anything more than a tiny fraction of the following that Lady Gaga has, but I am very thankful for the following I do have. They not only “get me”; they also cheer me on. Even if they aren’t my customers, they are always quick to send potential clients my way when the opportunity arises.

In many ways, my “tribe” helps me see how to navigate that huge online ocean. They remind me why and how I stand out. They motivate me to accomplish the final two items Marsico mentions, “being memorable” and “keeping the momentum.” If you haven’t already, check out yesterday’s post to read how I gain and keep my following.

If you too feel like one small fish in a very, very huge online ocean, don’t lose courage. Think about why you do what you do and take a stand. Gather those who believe in you and your business. Make an impression. And keep going. We may be small little fish in a very, very huge online ocean, but we are also unique with something special to offer.

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