Follow Your Intuition When Growing Your Customer Base

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how I once believed that I had to reach as many people as possible in order to grow my business. What I learned is that the number of people I reach is not what’s important. Rather, whom I reach is.

In a recent post, Bernadette Jiwa expounds on this idea. Despite what “conventional wisdom dictates,” she says, reaching more people with advertising and marketing should not be the goal of brand building. “More people knowing your product or service exists does not necessarily translate to more customers,” Jiwa states.

What Jiwa believes does result in more customers is “resonance.” One essential component of this is knowing your business and your customers in ways that go beyond simply providing a service or product that fulfills a need. You have to be mindful of whom you serve. As Jiwa clarifies, “[Y]ou’ve got to be clear about who you’re for and who you’re not for.”

In essence, this may mean not serving everyone. With my business, I could certainly argue that every person or every business could need some form of writing and editing assistance. However, that doesn’t mean that every person and every business is meant to be my customer.

Rather, those people and businesses who connect with me (and, likewise, whom I connect with in return) are meant to benefit from what I offer. They are my true customers, the customers upon which my business and brand will grow. As Jiwa notes, “self-awareness” is just as important to a business’s brand as are “customer-awareness” and “market-awareness.”

As you consider your brand, think intently about why you do what you do. Then, imagine your “ideal” customer base and make a list of the people and the businesses you would most like to serve. If you leave some potential customers off your list, that’s okay.

Follow your intuition. You know whom you connect with the most. And when you know that in your heart, your reasons for serving those customers and your dedication to your work will be all the more evident.

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