Miniscule Content Marketing that Converts

When defining what constitutes content marketing, many will likely think first of blog posts, newsletters, checklists, quick guides, infographics, videos, and social media posts. At a larger scale, webinars, case studies, and e-books may come to mind.

What, though, about the writing that is involved in creating the little buttons customers click on when they visit your website?

In a recent post, Dean Mackenzie notes that those tiny buttons are just as important as any other content we content writers create. Unfortunately, they often get overlooked. “Copywriters usually oversee all the words on a page,” Mackenzie states, “but when your attention is on editing seductive sales copy or perfecting a jaw-dropping headline (both of which are important), buttons and links can easily get missed.”

They shouldn’t be.

As Mackenzie explains, calls-to-action often are what encourage a potential customer to become an actual customer. Those few words within that small button or link hold a lot of power. Thus, wise copywriters should give those tiny statements the attention they deserve.

In his post, Mackenzie highlights five ways to give calls-to-action the oomph they need to make an impact. In all his examples, the common theme is keeping the audience in the center of the call-to-action and showing them what they’ll receive. “Your readers won’t click on buttons or links unless there’s a reason for them to do so,” Mackenzie states. Even a simple “Start Here” button can be enough to get customers to act, but only if they recognize the value of acting and they also know what comes next. That’s why specificity and clear language that lessens the worry of “risk” is essential.

“Think of a button as a kind of a door for your readers,” Mackenzie notes. “When they click, they ‘open’ the door and step through.” Creating a button that tells customers up-front what they’ll get on the other side of the door will likely result in more clicks.

Content writers have much to think about, from creating helpful blog posts to establishing a business’s expertise through educational and credible reports and proposals. But even the smallest statements can make a lasting impact. When conversions count, strong calls-to-action are key.

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