The Cues of a Business’s Brand

Just as we can read people by their tone, personality, and body language, customers can pick up on the cues of a business’s brand in multiple ways.

In a recent post, Bernadette Jiwa discusses this idea of how businesses send signals to their customers. “Words, images, dress, titles, tone, body language, location, prices, packaging, decor and design give people clues about who we are, what we stand for and what we’re worth,” she notes.

Often, customers pick up on these signals almost without realizing it, very similar to how one person can know to trust or like another person by picking up on subconscious tells. Other times, the signals a business gives to its customers are more direct.

Take, for instance, a business’s tagline. “A good tagline,” Annie Pilon explains, “should communicate your company’s message quickly and effectively, helping your target customers understand how you can help them in a way that’s easy to remember.”

A tagline, though, is more than just a few catchy words or phrases. In many ways, as Pilon notes, a tagline can become the “face” of a business’s brand, the primary way in which customers will know if a business’s products or services are right for them.

Ultimately, the primary purpose of taglines and other signals is to communicate a clear message to customers. As Jiwa explains, if a business’s branding reflects one message (“you, the customer, are important to us”) but its customer service reflects another (“we will respond to your inquiry within three days”), customers not only receive mixed messages, but they begin to form ideas of what that business is actually like. That’s why consistency across all forms of communication is essential.

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