Taking the Entrepreneurial Path

Some people are born to be entrepreneurs. Others take the entrepreneurial path because they desire to do work they find deeply meaningful, something that I did myself when I quit my 9-5 job over 15 months ago.

But what does it take to be an entrepreneur?

In a recent article, Rashan Dixon describes five traits successful entrepreneurs have. Besides the obvious qualities of work ethic, motivation, and creativity, Dixon notes that people who start their own business often approach work and life differently. Entrepreneurs, Dixon states, “don’t accept failure as an end but rather as a reason to pave a different path.” Additionally, those with the entrepreneurial spirit recognize the importance of seeking guidance yet aren’t distracted by every guru or expert.

They know what matters and what doesn’t.

When it comes to what matters, those who start their own business often do so with the goal of bringing more happiness to their work life. John Rampton explains this in a recent article: “The point of starting a business is to make a profit but maximizing profit shouldn’t be your main focus. Increasing your happiness should be about chasing your passion.”

Without a doubt, it’s that passion that keeps a person wanting to come back to work day after day. And when it’s your own business you’re going to, the rewards can be two-fold.

When entrepreneurs “live their purpose,” Dixon states, they can see the benefits of all the hard work, long hours, and ups and downs. What’s more, they find more fulfillment in what they do. As Rampton notes, “Considering that we spend one third of our lives at work, happiness shouldn’t just be confined to just our personal lives.”

This is something I can certainly attest to.

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