How Literary Devices Inspire Creative Content

The simplest writing techniques can make the longest-lasting impression for creative content marketing. Sometimes, we needn’t look any further than the books we once read as a child.

In a recent article, Lisa Shomo discusses four literary devices the beloved writer Dr. Seuss used in his books that also translate well into content marketing.

“Seuss’s writing leaps off the page with energy, life, rhythm, and bounce,” Shomo explains. “They’re fun and entertaining to read, and to say out loud. The illustrations are bright, original, and captivating. Seuss kept his word selection simple but his stories far from dull. For marketers, there’s a lesson there, too.”

Check out Shomo’s full article for more. In addition to recalling what we love so much about Dr. Seuss, you’ll also discover how many companies have adopted the same literary devices to make their brands something we’ll remember for years to come.

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