How to Pitch Your Product or Service (and How Not To)

Just as many of us hate when self-centered people brag on and on, in-your-face marketing schemes that boast about a business’s success and greatness deter more than attract. All too often, though, businesses don’t know how to pitch their products or services without focusing on themselves.

In a recent post, Bernadette Jiwa offers one such example in a tale of two vendors. The approaches both vendors took made a world of difference in how successfully (or not) they sold their products. In the end, Jiwa explains, “If you want to make something matter, you must be able to tell the people you want to serve why it should matter to them.”

Melinda Emerson makes a similar argument. In her article, she explains the difference between “features” and “benefits.” The latter is what customers care about most. “When you put the customer at the center of the equation, that’s when you win,” Emerson states. “They [customers] don’t care how much better you think your product is than the competition; they want to know how it will help them save time, money or effort.”

Setting ourselves apart is one component of marketing, but we business owners should take note that customers set us apart when we help them, not when we sell to them. By learning how to “pitch perfect,” we can make that lasting impression that will keep customers coming back.

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