Getting Your Content Noticed

When we are constantly bombarded with online information and advertising, it’s no wonder we often spend time scrolling our newsfeeds without pausing to read much of anything at all. So how do we writers create something that will prompt someone to not only stop scrolling but to read what we’ve written as well?

The answer is to stand out, but the ways in which we stand out are as varied as what we write about. Sometimes, though, all it takes is playing upon good storytelling and taking a few calculated risks.

In a recent post, Kathy Edens describes four ways writers can create content that gets noticed, starting with a good story. “We’re hard-wired to love stories,” Edens explains. “It’s how we pass down wisdom and life lessons and learn our history.”

But the same hum-drum story can leave readers yawning.

That’s why Edens also encourages us to step outside our comfort zones, find what Seth Godin calls the “purple cow,” and invite our readers to respond. “Attack the subject,” Edens says. “Tell a story, lay out your arguments, and invite your readers to join the conversation. When you interact with your readers, you bring them beyond the written word and open a dialogue where you can get to know them better.”

As Edens notes, creating content for the sake of creating content means little to our readers. But writing content that inspires, encourages discussion, and is fresh? Now that’s something that’s worthy of getting noticed.

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