Misconceptions of Content Marketing

Not all customers are in the business of content marketing. They may not understand fully what content creation means and entails. It’s not entirely up to those customers, though, to become more knowledgeable about what we, as content writers, do.

Being a good content marketer is helping our customers see the value in the content we create for them. Additionally, it is often up to us to help dispel some of the misconceptions of what content marketing is (and isn’t).

In a recent article, Kim Moutsos discusses three myths people often have about content marketing and explains how to counter those myths with truths. “The truth is ‘content’ means different things to different people,” Moutsos states. The way to counter that misconception is to define the content you create for your customers so that they understand what that content will do for them: generate an audience, solve problems, establish expertise, etc.

Additionally, Moutsos notes, content marketers often have to dispel the misconception that content marketing is just another form of advertising. While advertising builds a brand, content marketing takes the next step. “Use advertising to promote products and increase brand favorability,” Moutsos explains. “Use content marketing to raise brand perception, increase interest in products, and build long-term relationships.” 

Finally, Moutsos defines what being “authentic” actually means. “The notion of authenticity in content marketing is possibly overused and often misused,” Moutsos states, especially when related to the notion of “being real.” Ultimately, being “authentic” is holding true to facts; being “real” is communicating in a way that makes a connection.

Content marketing can do much for a business’s brand and marketing strategies. As we content writers work with customers both inside and outside our industry, we should always remember that defining what “content” is and what purpose it has will determine how well our customers see the value in what we do.

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