Develop a Clear Brand Voice Your Customers Will Know and Love

A logo and tagline are often the first glimpses that customers get of a business’s brand. Once those customers begin to dig deeper, though, whether by perusing the business’s website, social media pages, or blog, they will undeniably discover something else about that business’s brand: its voice.

In many ways, the voice we use to communicate with our customers reveals more about our business than any other form of branding. Sometimes, though, we don’t devote enough attention to establishing a clear brand voice.

It’s important that we do. As Anna Johansson explains, “If you’re going to portray your operation in an honest fashion that reflects your values, it’s imperative to take the time to hone and convey your proper voice.” Simon Davies agrees: “Thanks to the crowded and competitive nature of the digital world, it’s never been more important for a brand to develop a distinct and original voice that helps them stand out from the pack. A logo alone may not be enough to help a business stick in consumers’ minds.”

How, then, should we business owners develop our own unique brand voice? Johansson suggests we look at a business’s brand as though it were a character. “For all intents and purposes, a popular brand becomes a figure with a kind of personality,” she states. “Any inconsistency in its established character challenges the authenticity of the relationship its consumers have known and grown comfortable with…”

Connecting a brand’s voice with customers’ traits also is important. “In order to create a voice that resonates with your customers, you need to understand the personalities and demographics of the people you’re trying to engage with,” Davies notes.

Remaining consistent with our business’s values also will ensure we don’t deviate with our voice. Davies recommends jotting down our business’s values so that those attributes are always front-and-center when we’re communicating with our customers. Similarly, both Davies and Johansson suggest creating a style guide with specifics about how a business conveys itself through tone and wording. If everyone within a business knows that style guide, messages will be more uniform, regardless of who is delivering them.

Building a business’s brand takes time, and the last thing we want is for our customers to not connect with our brand because of inconsistencies with how we communicate with them. By developing a clear voice, we can ensure that customers will recognize our brand, each and every time they come in contact with it.

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