Don’t Discount Your Old Content

When everything changes so quickly on social media, content writers want to get into the habit of creating fresh, up-to-date content week after week. What we don’t want to do, though, is dismiss our old content as irrelevant.

In a recent post, Darren Rowse shares why revisiting old content is worthwhile. “The week your post goes live is only the beginning of its life online,” he notes.

With many blogs, Rowse explains, the most current content gets the most attention during the week it’s first published. But often, readers searching online will be more likely to stumble upon older content that has had a long life on the internet and has generated more history and optimization.

That’s why ensuring that old posts are still producing the results you want is so important. Rowse, for instance, routinely determines if old content produced on his company’s blog is still accurate and relevant. Additionally, he checks for missed grammatical errors, broken links, and ways to improve the post or repurpose it in another medium. “[U]pdating old posts can help search engines view them more positively – potentially bringing in a lot more traffic over time,” Rowse explains. “This process also keeps my archives from looking dated and out of touch.”

The fact remains that once content is published online, it will always be searchable and findable (until the site is inactivated or the content is deleted). Instead of discounting old content, we undoubtedly can put that content in front of more and more readers again and again. Ultimately, if what we’ve written six months ago or last year is still purposeful, we might as well make the most of it.

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