Build a Story Behind Your Brand

A brand is much more than a logo. It’s what makes customers remember your business and who you are. It’s what connects customers to your products or services. It’s the story of why you do what you do.

In a recent post, Larry Kim highlights twenty (yes, twenty!) aspects a business should consider when developing its brand narrative. “A brand story should not only present facts but also evoke feelings,” Kim notes. “[It should tell] a unicorn tale that will resonate with your followers and help your business grow!” Below are just a few of the ideas that Kim calls attention to.

To start, purpose, vision, and values all work together to describe the “why” behind a business. Kim encourages business owners to consider “the big picture” and think about the impact they can make, not only in profits but in contributing to something more than themselves.

Similarly, the products or services a business provides are only one small part of its story. More important are the value that a business gives to its customers and the experience those customers have. “Every action matters, from how you run your business to how you interact with customers.” Kim states. What’s more, “[t]he price of your products and services and their quality in return determine the true value of your brand.”

How a business conveys itself is also relevant. A logo and a tagline should define the heart of a business and be the first thing customers recognize. But the ways a business communicates through content (be it a blog, social media, or traditional advertising) also play a key role in how customers perceive that business and promote it. As Kim notes, “How you are seen by your audience dictates the position your business resides in.”

You may have the best location or the best services or products, but if customers don’t respond to your brand, they won’t believe in what you offer. The first step is to know what your business stands for; the next step is to tell a story that will make customers care.

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