Do Something Worth Sharing

I have a confession…I am not a big fan of shopping. On rare occasions, I’ll meander from one store to the next with no specific intention or plan on making a purchase. Most times, though, I’m feeling rushed and have only a small window of time to shop. In those moments, I almost always know what I want before I even step foot into the store. Truth be told, even when I’m casually shopping, I typically only hit the stores that I suspect I’ll find something I want.

The best window displays rarely, if ever, bring me to a halt.

Am I alone? Likely not. But that does give rise to the question, how do we business owners make our customers hit pause in their hurried lives to consider (and purchase) what we have to offer?

In a recent post, Bernadette Jiwa explores this topic. She describes a situation similar to mine, of a bookstore display that gets passed by more often than not. “The truth is,” Jiwa notes, “the books that sell are the ones that people come into the store knowing they are going to buy. The book that’s been recommended. The thing they’ve already heard about.”

Advertising calls attention to a business’s products or services. Content marketing develops a relationship with customers who have already discovered what that business does. Word-of-mouth builds trust. How and why we do what we do is more important, perhaps, than what we actually do. As Jiwa explains, “Our job isn’t to be found. It’s to make something worth talking about.”

We know why customers need what we do. Those customers may even realize they need what we offer, too. But reaching those customers goes beyond setting something before them. It goes beyond marketing and selling.

It begins with making an impact. When what we do keeps customers coming back, when it makes a difference, when it leaves an impression, that’s when we’re doing something right. And when we do what’s right, it’ll be worth sharing.

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